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corporate wellness culture

A Corporate Wellness Culture is everything related to wellness that contributes to creating a healthier and happier work environment and employees. Promoting a Wellness Culture will help integrate healthy lifestyle values in your day to day operations.


Your people are your greatest asset. 


70% of productivity loss is


To have a productive and competitive workforce, you must have strong individuals both physically and psychologically.  


Our corporate wellness program provides a holistic approach to your employee’s well-being, based on your company’s needs. Our focus is to help you develop an organizational health culture.

This employee benefit is an excellent added value to the company and its performance.


A holistic concept

The program is articulated around four main pillars where essential skills for both the company and the employees will be developed



A corporate wellness solution cultivates healthy habits among employees and improves health outcomes. 

You will support your Human Resources initiatives by improving:

Our Services

Our Mission

To help companies develop a corporate wellness culture

Our Goal

To maximize both the benefits of the organization and its employees

Our Approach

To tailor the approach to the unique needs of each organization

We analyze and deliver a tailor-made program aligned to your strategy and needs, with a tight follow-up and reporting

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Step 1

Analysis and report: where your company stands in terms of internal image and situation regarding the identity of the company 

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step 2

Strategy and solutions adapted to your objectives and needs

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step 3

Implementation and follow up: we deliver a flexible program and a monthly reporting 

About Us

Fitdao Limited was founded to help employers improve their performance by addressing a fundamental truth: unhealthy, unhappy employees sap an organization’s morale and coffers, whereas healthy, happy employees incur fewer expenses, increase productivity, and enjoy a better culture. Fitdao knew that employee physical and mental health are key to the performance of the company and that it could be enhanced systematically to create demonstrable improvements. Fitdao Limited was born out of this vision.

Since its founding, Fitdao has helped companies like yours cultivate engaged, healthy workforces. Our dedicated team manages the entire program with passion and professionalism for maximum effectiveness and minimal strain on your internal staff. 

We do the work. You enjoy the benefits of healthy, happy, engaged employees and a stronger company.